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  • Thu 26th Mar 2020 - 10:42am

     Lime skins or rinds are used to prepare many dishes. First, you wash Vitobrain Review  the limes of any debris before grating. Second, you must freeze the limes to harden the skins, and then you grate the skins off.

    When a lime is at room temperature you can cut it and juice it. You can extract about 30 percent more juice this way. To juice a lime you should put the heel of your hand over the lime on a flat surface and roll it around until it feels soft. At this stage, you can cut the lime and juice it. Alternatively, you can put the lime in a micro-wave for about 30-40 seconds to bring it to room temperature before juicing.

    The high Vitamin C content of limes helps to relieve arthritis. Drinking lime juice cools the brain and nervous system according to medical studies. Some mentally ill patients benefit from lime juice because it helps relieve a symptom known as brain fever. Limes are also known for their sedative qualities. Consuming the juice helps control anger, hatred and other brain deficiencies in patients.

    The author is a Personal Development Counselor, PDC, and researcher in human behavior and herbal medicine. He has been helping people for over 30 years to maximize their true potential by conducting personal, and family counseling to those in need. He is an internet marketer and promotes all these services by developing information products available on the internet through e-books, DVDs, CD's email courses, etc.

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